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Season 1: Essentials Collection on iTunes

HERE for $11.99USD


"Journey back to when Aang was first discovered, encounter the mysterious Blue Spirit, embark on a quest to find a master Waterbender, and prepare to face the fierce Firebenders -- all in this compilation of episodes selected by the show creators!"

1x01 - The Boy in the Iceberg
1x02 - The Avatar Returns
1x03 - The Southern Air Temple
1x12 - The Storm
1x13 - The Blue Spirit
1x18 - The Waterbending Master
1x19 - The Siege of the North (Part I)
1x20 - The Siege of the North (Part II)
The Un-Aired Pilot Episode (essentials collection only)
The Un-Aired Pilot Episode with Commentary

This is a slightly cheaper alternative to purchasing the entire first season, with the main addition of the un-aired pilot episode that does NOT have audio commentary. For 8 episodes (and 1 main bonus feature) priced at almost $12, we actually recommend:

The Complete Book 1 (Collector's Edition)
Other DVDs and boxsets

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