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Adopt an Appa!


The famous Appa plushes were first available in August 2006. They instantly became popular and stores were quickly running low on stock. Fortunately, you can still "Adopt an Appa" through an official and reliable vendor. It's highly recommended that you read all the following (especially before deciding to purchase one from eBay, etc.):

Mall of America - Nickelodeon Universe @ Bloomington, MN
http://shopnicku.com/ - click on "AVATAR", then "OTHER AVATAR" or search for "Appa"
Direct link for Appa plush: here (Not available as of 18 Jun 2010, previous product code 7342761)
Direct link for Jumbo 30" Appa: here (product code 7347759)
SEARCH link: here

$16.99USD for 18"
"A Nickelodeon Universe exclusive!" and currently OUT OF STOCK (as of Fri, 18 Jun 2010)

*Please keep in mind that there are actually different versions of the Appa plush:
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More photos can be found here:
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